Thursday, January 1, 2009

The library

Ah, that familiar smell of wisdom, of knowledge,
wafted through eager child who stood among them.
New ideas grown to stale dust on a shelf,
Profound wisdom he could not grasp by his self,
Stood still in the silence of the library.

He stood in the aisle and found one he liked
He plucked it from its home and spept off the dust
Excitement of the beholder it cannot hold
Yet wisdom of Ancient Egypt, it is bold
And the beholder yearns to delve into it.

Sitting on a couch now he opened cover,
his body melting away into the past,
His mind racing as he flipped through ages
He plucked all the wisdom from all its sages
And soon he was lost in another world.

Oblivious of whispers, pages turning,
The pyramids were constructed of mind sand,
Arduous work, and yet the slaves were content
As gold set by dead king and with him it went;
Gold amulets, toys, statues, ships, and his throne

A clamourous child sent the slaves away,
And another one, and another entered.
A beared man, a lady with a red bag,
A lover of words with a mom and a dad
And then he noticed the time was swept away

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