Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chapter 1

The explosion was massive. He could hear it through the whirling wind. The sky lit up like an Alton Crown during the Alton Festival, back when there was such a thing. Objects of all shapes and sizes were blowing away from the fireball, and he spun around as something buzzed by his left ear.

He did it! He had defeated the... What? Who?

Something pelted his side. He was struck. The pain immense. Then it happened again. He was going down again. Suddenly he was falling into a dark abyss. He could feel heat from the lights, and it almost felt good as he hit something soft and wet. It was water. Water crashed into his face, gushing into his mouth and down his throat. He was sinking, tumbling down and down and down.

He was expecting the end, or something worse, when he felt something squeeze his arm. It was soft and slimy, and he was now being dragged through the water, away from the fireball. He did not fight it.

Let it happen. Let it take you to somewhere peaceful, if there was such a thing, in whatever world he was in. Then peace came in the form of darkness.