Once the priorities are taken care of -- God, wife, kids, other people, work -- it's time for writing.  The goal is to be pithy, entertaining and educational.  There are no rules here on Alton One except for the rules you create for yourself.  I like this, and so that is why I'm choosing this spot to tell my story.  I will publish either a chapter of Alton One, a short story, or a poem every other Monday.  Feel free to critique the crap out of my stuff, because the way to better writing is through both writing and open criticism.

I will set the following goals for every short story or chapter:
  • Want:  What does the main character want?  Establish this ASAP!!!
  • Obstacle:  What is standing in the way of the main character getting what he wants?
  • Action:  What does the main character do (physical or emotional conflict) to get around the obstacle to get what he wants?
  • Resolution:  How does the main character resolve his conflict
  • Show, don't tell:  Show the character's adventures, don't just say what he does

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