Saturday, January 3, 2009

Adorable little family

Days flying, going by faster and faster.
And yet this dad is savoring each moment.
Dad's have a great job with two girls and a boy.

Love is the great legacy you leave behind,
Of all the joys of life, that smile's the best,
Ventures through this life, I can attest, are vain,
Except for the simple joy of that special
Someone brings, all the little things that come with.

Joy is a boy you can have lots of fun with
Oaf of a dad can hardly keep up with him.
Reading and writing are things he enjoys.
Detroit Tigers and Colts are his favorite sports.
And tossing baseballs with his dad is fun
Nor can his dad beat him at video games.

Cute is a girl who loves to play with her dad
And all the wee babies she has in her room
Love is in all the hugs and kisses she gives,
Lord created the weather today, she said.
I'm certain she'll have a wonderful life
Everyone she touches filled with happiness

Adorable children of mine I love so,
Nothing but my wife do I love more than thee.
Dads love their children more than aspirations.

Love's an adorable little girl he loves.
Adorable hugs and kisses and smiles.
Naps are often, followed by smiles so big.
Each of Gods joys is in one of her kisses
Yes. Ideal is snuggling with your sweet joy

Love is a mom who spends quality time,
Oblation every Sunday from all who care,
Visits from friends who want to share what they have,
Even if it's not perfect in eye of you.

Mother of all the best reasons for living
Or the best wife of all the greatest children
Mother is everthing, defines the word love.

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