Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sassa Guard: Chapter 3

The pterodactyls circle for several minutes, and now, Lance sese, they are headed in their direction.  As they got closer, Lance's mind verifies the creatures are the same that used to fly through the skies of earth, verified by wisdom learned from his many hours spent reading.

As the dinosaurs close Lance observes they soar silently; almost to the point if he didn't see them coming they could easily sneak up on and chomp his head off with that pointed beak, and swoop his head away with those gigantic claws.

Mistoosha stops, and Clan stops next to him.  Para keeps walking until he is standing by Clan, and Lance stops a few short steps behind Clan and Para and Mistoosha.  Both clan and Para walk past Mistoosha, as though to shield him from an impending attack.

Lance has a sudden urge to run and hide into the woods, but he need Mistoosha and the slaves for protection, and he has no idea what to expect in the woods, and Titan needs him.  So he decides to stand, in plain sight of the creatures, as two of them land on the yellow rocks before them.

Lance sees clearly that these creatures are in fact pterodactyls.  They are creatures that existed about 150 million years ago on earth, and became extinct.  Apparently, obviously, the brown feathered birds with elongated yellow beaks, with black lines over their eyes that angle down -- giving  them the appearance of the devil's partners -- are like drones used to spy on Iraqi soldiers.

Lance hears a loud SQUAWK overhead, and looks up.  He sees one of the creatures continue to soar gracefully over head.  This bird continues to circle, while the other two lift off and disappear somewhere behind the trees.  The wingspan, Lance estimates, is about three feet.  It's black claws are tucked under it, and attached to the leg was bright, silvery object.  On it's head was another silvery object, and off this the sun glittered gracefully. He was certain these shiny objects were not natural, and probably placed on the animal to either act as cameras, or to control where they traveled.  He would have to have this confirmed by Para later, if there is a later that is.

Now all three creatures circle overhead, like vultures over prey, for several minutes.  Then, as silently as they approached, they returne to the tower in the distance, where they continue to circle.  Then, for some inexplicable reason, they disappear.

"What was that?" Lance asks.

"That, Mr. Goodman, is what you might call an unmanned aerial vehicle," Clan says, as Mistoosha starts trekking forward again.  "It's a drone.  It's a drone Sassa style."

In other words," said Para, "the Sassa know we are here.  Better say your prayers."

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