Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Callie

Callie's riding round the house on her blades
That she purchases at her first yard sale
Such a frugal shopper she is
...just like her grandma was.

Laney's running 'round the house
With a smile on cheek to cheek
Her speech is quite impressive
...just like her mother's is.

Jordan's lying on the couch in the basement
Playing the Wii and watching ESPN
He pretty laid back that way
...just like his father.

Myles is sleeping in his new crib
Worn out from all his playing.
Play, play, play, play, play, play
...just like 9 monthr's do.

Crystal is our shopping for Callie's party
Because tomorrow is Callie's 1st Communion
Can't believe she's that OLD already seems time flies so fast.

I'm sitting here writing this poem
Listening to the laughter of my two girls
Enjoying happy times at home
...just as good dad's do I suppose

Worked all night last night at Shoreline
And Jordan's game was out of town
So his dad stayed up, and he stayed up
...and so his eyes now burn

And so the dad cracks a Natural Ice
And he enjoys the cool, refreshment
As he searches his mind for the right words
to use in this frivolous poem.

It's raining outside so here we sit
Now Callie and Laney are in the tubby
Myles still asleep, and Jordan silent downstairs
A peaceful night here on the home front


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